What to Wear on a Plane: Outfit Ideas to Look Good and Feel Comfortable

What to Wear on a Plane: Look Good and Feel Comfortable the Entire Flight!

Whether you are traveling on a short flight or taking a 15 hour flight to another continent, one of the most common questions travelers have is what to wear on a plane.

I used to travel regularly for work and this required quite a bit of time flying long distances. I quickly learned what worked and didn’t with airplane travel.

In this article, I’ll show you what to wear on a plane, share outfit ideas, and answer the most common airplane clothing questions.

What to Wear on a Plane

Here are some key tips to keep in mind while planning your flight outfit:

  • Dress for Comfort - You’ll be sitting in a confined space for hours so being comfortable is really important. In addition, Jet Bloat is a real thing, so wearing loose fitting and stretchy clothes maximizes your comfort.

  • Wear Layers - When board the plane, the air conditioning is not on so it can get pretty warm on the plane until takeoff. After you’ve been flying for a while, the air conditioning kicks into full gear and it get cold. Dressing in layers will allow you add or remove layers so that you feel comfortable no matter the temperature.

  • Wear Closed Shoes - Often times while going through TSA (it varies from airport to airport), you need to remove your shoes and send them through the x-ray. I think of all those feet bare feet that have passed through security before me and don’t need a case of athlete’s foot. Now, I always wear closed shoes and socks (most often, sneakers) so that if I do have to take off my shoes, I still have on a pair of socks to walk through security.

  • Don’t Wear Jewelry Through Security - Save yourself time going through security by keeping your jewelry packed in your carry-on. I use a pretty travel jewelry case like this one and then after I’m through security, I put on my jewelry.

  • Wear Natural Fibers - Like I mentioned before, comfort is number one when traveling by airplane so look for breathable fabrics in natural fibers such as cotton and wool.

  • Wear a Scarf or Wrap - This is my #1 best travel secret! I own several of these Vinyasa Scarves. They are large scarves 26” x 58” that have snaps down the sides.

Airplane Outfit Ideas

What to Wear on an Airplane: Look Number 1
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What to Wear on a Plane: Outfit Idea #3

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Step 2: Layer it Up

Step 3: Add a Coat

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Common What to Wear on a Plane Questions

Can you wear flip flops on a plane?

You can wear flip flops on a plane however it does get really cold once the air conditioning kicks in, so you might be better off wearing sneakers and low profile socks.

Can you wear shorts on a plane?

You can wear shorts on a plane. I recommend wearing longer shorts because you’ll be sitting for a while. If shorts are too short it leaves your legs exposed to the dirty seats.

In addition, it gets cold on planes and most flights do not offer blankets.

Can you wear jeans on a plane?

You can wear jeans on a plane. I recommend wearing stretch denim or relaxed fit jeans.

Since Jet Bloat happens on planes, you will most likely feel uncomfortable sitting for a long time in jeans that are too tight such as skinny jeans. Opt for loose fitting jeans or those with stretch.

Your Turn

Do you have go-to pieces you wear on a plane? I’d love to hear! Let me know in the comments below.