Fashion Trends Coming Back: Mini Bags

This BIG trend is so small…and I mean tiny!

The Mini Bag, a trend that has come in and out of fashion for centuries (source) and last spotted in the 90s, is making a comeback this season.

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Today’s tiny bags are often sized down versions of popular original bags with some available in super small sizes including mini, micro mini, or nano styles that barely hold lipstick and a key.

Over the past few seasons, bags have gotten larger and larger. Just like all fashion trends, the pendulum has no other option but to swing the other way, thus leading to itty bitty bags.

Designers such as Jacquemus, Chanel, Prada, and Dior have added mini bags to their runway collections and the trend hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Some have suggested its the current minimalist trend (source) is behind the mini bag trend while others suggest the very Instagram-able trend has been pushed along by influencers.

Either way, going lighter with what you have in tow might not be a bad idea. Do we really need to lug everything in those cavernous totes and shoulder bags?

I’ve rounded up twelve of my favorite mini bags in a rainbow of fun must-carry colors.

There are cross body bags, shoulder bags, belt bags, and clutches all in adorable mini sizes.

Fashion and Style Trends: Mini Bags!

Fashion and Style Trends: Mini Bags!

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