Can You Wear Leggings to an Interview

Can You Wear Leggings to an Interview

In recent years, leggings have become an important part of the American female wardrobe. It seems like you can wear leggings for so many occasions, not just for working out.

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Women like to wear leggings to school, running errands, out to dinner, and to parties. It’s even suitable to wear them in some work environments. However, what if you have an upcoming job interview? Is it appropriate to wear leggings to get a job?

I’m going to answer that question as well as provide tips for the best interview outfit to help you land the job you want.

Can I wear leggings to an interview?

As much as leggings have become part of our everyday culture, it is still not appropriate to wear leggings to an interview (unless you are working in a fitness center or yoga studio).

There are so many other options available don’t make leggings be the deal breaker on whether or not you get the job.

It’s almost impossible to determine if the interviewer finds leggings appropriate or not so don’t take the chance of missing out on a job you really wanted because you chose to be too casual.

You might even be interviewed by someone who is actually wearing leggings, but that doesn’t mean that the interviewer will view them as appropriate for the person they are interviewing.

Once you get the job, it may be okay to wear leggings, but don’t choose them as something to wear to an interview.

You have quite a few options that you CAN wear to an interview instead of leggings.

What to Wear Instead of Leggings to an Interview

  1. Dress

  2. Skirt (knee length or longer)

  3. Slacks

  4. Menswear inspired trousers

Tips for Interview Outfit

  • Clothes don’t need to be expensive to make a good impression. But it is important to make sure your clothes are clean, pressed, and stain-free. Also avoid frayed or torn garments.

  • If you are questioning whether something is to low-cut, short, or casual…it probably is. Don’t risk it and choose something else.

  • If you’re digging through your closet and can’t find anything suitable to wear, ask a friend if you can borrow an outfit for the interview. Thrift stores are another way to buy clothes for just a few dollars. Many thrift stores now buy clothes that are new or gently worn and only a season or two out of date. Since you will be wearing something conservative for an interview, that style changes much more slowly than trendy clothes and you should be able to find an outfit easily.

Best of luck landing the job you want!